One thought on “30M Tug Boat

  1. May I request you kindly to supply the technical specification of the following tug
    Ship type: Bay crossing tugs
    Purpose: To relocate the dredgers and pontoons in the inland waterways
    To tow a salvage vessel MV Hamza or MV Rustom in case of emergency as per TOR
    To tow a vessel of 120 ton light weight with a speed of 10 knots as per discussion with MME department
    Free running speed:15 knots
    Towing speed: 10 knots
    Bollard pull: 25 tons
    Cruising range Cruising range of the ship (at a speed of 15 knots) shall be equal to or more than 1200 nautical miles
    Class notation: Full class
    Crew 15 (officers: 3)
    Cabin 3
    Navigational equipment VHF
    Echo Sounder
    Portable mike
    Transducer of Echo Sounder (keel mounted)

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely

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