About Us


Tang Tiew Hee & Sons Sdn. Bhd./SL Shipbuilding Contractor Sdn. Bhd. established its shipbuilding business in 1989. Over the past decade, our company has played an important role as a major shipbuilder to Malaysia shipbuilding industry, and grasped a reputation for uncompromising quality, reliability and professionalism among our clients. Behind the success is a history of continual technical improvement, perseverance and the ability to meet customers’ requirements.

Our shipyard is situated at Lot 530 & 531, Block 1, Seduan Land District, Sibu Shipbuilding Industrial Estate, Rantau Panjang, Sibu. It embraces an approximate area of 10.10 acres and a 120-metre shoreline. Our company values refinement of our production and therefore tends to employ fully trained workers. We also constantly adopt new technologies, methods and modern equipments to achieve the highest possible quality. Last but not least, we make great efforts to achieve the standard goal for environment protection and pollution control.

Our company offers a wide range of between 20-metre to 60-metre ocean-going vessels such as Tugboats, Anchor Handling Tugs, Offshore Utility & Supply Vessels. All vessels built are under strict quality control and coincide with the standards of the major international classifications including ABS, BV, NKK, GL, Lloyds, and CCS, as well as under the U.S.L. Code.

The vessels we built have been utilized widely by mostly timber, coal-mining, quarrying and offshore logistic companies. Our valued buyers come from all over the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Middle East, Australia and United States.


Products and Services

Quality, reliability, and flexibility are three key words to Tang Tiew Hee & Sons Sdn Bhd. The ability to deliver top quality ships in efficient timeframe at reasonable prices has differentiated the company from its competitors.

Our competitive edge comes from two major factors: people and machineries.

On site we have recruited a team of experienced and knowledgeable, some even qualified workforce from local and overseas. All of our contractors and most of our staff have been working with us for many years and held the same belief on providing excellence for customers. The enduring relationship between the management and workers indeed makes it much easier to communicate on shipbuilding related issues, which is significant for ensuring the projects to be completed on time.

Apart from our skillful employees, we have adopted a range of advanced machineries in order to generate superior productions. In addition to the compulsory equipments, in 2009 we acquired CNC plasma automated cutting system. This state-of-the-art machine helps us to cut ship plates in any shapes with almost surgical precision, even for those difficult curves, inside cuts and sharp corners. Our fully-trained operator only needs to create shapes to be cut on computer and let computer runs the machine. He is also able to control the direction of the cutter anytime with his computer. Furthermore, we own two large-sized cranes with lifting capacity in between 100 to 140 tons, which assist us to assemble materials in chunks before composing them into an entire ship. These procedures save a lot of time and cost, which help us to cut back on prices for our customers.